3 Simple Steps Home Based Business

3 Simple Steps

The money is in the list, you’ve heard it before, I’ll say it again, “The Money Is In The List”, so get started on building it.

Step one:

Find a product to sell, whether your own or someone else’s.

  • If you’re not using your own Clickbank is simple to get approved as an affiliate
  • If using your own product make sure you have all the pages setup, sales, thank you, OTO’s if applicable
    • Capture emails from prospective customers, use landing page

Step two:

Setup your landing page

  • If you have WP site create landing page to capture emails.
  • If you have no website a simple way to get setup quickly and professionally is to use Clickfunnels, it’s a little pricey but very good. Lot’s of great training from one of the best home business guru’s is included.
  • Use an autoresponder, such as aWeber, to manage your list.

Step three:

Drive traffic to your landing page

  • Paid traffic
    • Solo ads, FB & IG, LinkedIn, Bing, Google
  • Free traffic
    • Content marketing, can do if you have a website or blog, takes time though
    • Social media, post on your social media, link back to your landing page, takes time again, lots of trial and error on what types of posts work, quicker than content marketing.
    • Attraction Marketing is a great way to drive traffic and build a long term sustainable business, you can check it out here and sign up for the free course.

Continually drive traffic to your landing page to get your email list built up. Drive people to the landing page, get them to sign up for your email list, on the thank you page you can present your offer or other info. Setup autoresponder messages to continually sell to your list. Don’t just always give away free stuff, then that’s all they’ll expect from you. Continuously try and sell. 

NOTE: when trying to sell, whether your own product or someone else’s, make sure it’s something of value, nothing will lose you the trust of your subscriber’s quicker than trying to sell them junk. I personally only promote products I’ve bought and find have great value. If it’s something I use and know it works as advertised, or even better than advertised, and I think it’s great value I let people know. Of course here’s where it doesn’t matter what you think there will always be someone who disagrees. For example, Clickfunnels, it’s a great product, it is expensive, but I like it and use it in some of my funnels, but of course there’s people out there who don’t like it, say it’s overpriced, it’s junk, it’s this and that. Well whatever, can’t please everyone.

August 9, 2019