Be Genuine Online

Be Genuine Online

Being something you’re not doesn’t work online, fake it till you make it is not how to run a proper business, whether offline or online.

Be Genuine online, the heart of Attraction Marketing and building your brand. It works, period. It doesn’t matter what type of home based business you have; being yourself (or being genuine) in your marketing is the best way, especially when using Attraction Marketing.

Show Your Genuine Self Online

Don't Fake It Till You Make It - Be Genuine Online
Don’t Fake It Till You Make It – Be Genuine Online

Attraction Marketing is about being authentic, showing people who you are and how you’re different from the rest of the people online that just put out the same old tired ads everyone else does. What it boils down to is building your personal brand, if you try to be someone your not it’s bound to fail.

One thing you may notice as your browsing the web is that when people are marketing and building their brand one of the first things they’ll tell you is their stories of how they’ve failed over and over again. The reason they do this is it works, no question about it.

Your failures are something to be embraced, learn from them, then share what you’ve learned with others.

Bryan Borg – Home Business Nation

I don’t know the exact percentage but the majority of successful home business people are building their brand and selling to their audience. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling their own products, affiliate products, network marketing, mlm, whatever. They’ve all established trust with their audience, this lets them continually market new products to them.

Learn From Others Success

A good way to learn is to study the successful brand builders in your niche, the ones that are genuine. Have a look at their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, etc. Study how they present their stories, you’ll find a lot of them start off by talking about their failures first and then they’ll transition into how they changed and became successful. It helps build trust, it lets people know they’re real people and have went through the same problems as everyone else. When putting yourself out there online don’t be afraid to talk about how you’ve failed when you first started, talk about how you learned from your mistakes.

Be Genuine Online - Failure Leads to Success
Be Genuine Online – Failure Leads to Success

If you’re not genuine and providing value though it’s going to be really tough. You’ll lose your audience, if you had any kind of an audience to begin with.

Attraction Marketing teaches how to build a solid brand and an audience that looks forward to hearing from you. Prospects will chase you instead of you chasing them. The great thing is anyone can do it, especially with social media, follow the right teaching and it can actually be done fairly quickly.

Start with your story when building your brand, what did you do to get to where you are today, the failures and successes along the way.

Bryan Borg

August 11, 2019