"Funnels are so important for ANY Home Based Business, I don't know where I'd be without them." - Me

Funnel Gold

  • Do you truly want to create income online?
  • Have you created your First sales funnel?

Sales Funnels Pros:

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Increase (optimize) your conversion rate

Increase (optimize) your sales revenue

Predict (forecast) your sales volume

Know what sells & what doesn't

Sales Funnels Cons

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Easy to get carried away (too complicated)

Monitoring required (check stats)

Writing copy (the words & images)

Sales Funnels Tips

Sales Funnels Conclusions:

When setup and used correctly sales funnels can be your secret weapon.  You can increase your conversion rates dramatically while keeping your ad spend the same.  You'll be able to screen out prospects who aren't really interested in your products or services and just focus your time and money on prospects with potential.

#1: Clic​kFunnels... by Russell Brunson

The Gold Standard for Funnel Creation

Clickfunnels Secret Funnel Strategy

ClickFunnels, by Russell Brunson, makes it easy for anyone to take a great idea, product or service,, or any business of their dreams and turn it into a powerful sales funnel that will convert your website visitors into leads and customers.

The Second Option - Saves money  but much more work is involved. You can make beautiful funnels with this option though.

"Thrive Themes is a great alternative to ClickFunnels if you're looking to save money."  Maybe you just prefer doing it yourself (DIY Funnels) or enjoy building your own sites, this is a great alternative.
Thrive Themes is what I used to first start off and still use still to use this day for some of my funnels & websites.

#2: Thrive Themes... Save Money

The Best WP Theme for Funnels


Thrive Themes is a full wordpress theme that comes easily allows people to build their own beautiful websites and sales funnels.  Using Thrive Architect, which is included with the theme it's a breeze creating funnels using the templates provided.

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