First 10,000 Subscribers

Revealed! First 10,000: How To Quickly Build An Email List Of 10,000 Subscribers Ready To Buy by Anik Signal

First 10,000: How To Quickly Build An Email List Of 10,000

First 10,000 Subscribers Review

First 10,000 Subscribers Review

Bryan Borg

Reviewed by:  

Bryan Borg

Bryan Borg

Reviewed by:  

Bryan Borg

  • Get Started Quickly...From Scratch!
  • How You Can Build A Responsive List
  • A Step by Step Plan You Can Implement
  • Avoid The Costly Mistakes

The First 10,000 Subscribers: Review

    "The Money is in the List."

If you’ve been around the online marketing or home based business arena for a while you’ve definitely heard the phrase before.  The single biggest reason you hear it all the time is “It’s True”, the money is in the list, your email list that is.

Numerous studies still show that email marketing is the number one way to build your home based business.  Anik goes through a few of these and provides proof for these claims.

The First 10,000 Subscribers : How to Build a Responsive Email List?

How to build a responsive list though is the biggest question people have.  Lots of people start list but end up with a bunch of useless email addresses on them. In his book “The First 10,000 Subscribers” Anik demonstrates how to build a list that is filled with responsive people, people that look forward to your emails and click on them.

With his vast experience he show’s how he’s done it, right from square one, and provides a roadmap for anyone to do it, in any type of business.

Anik goes through how to construct your landing pages, giving you practical tips to ensure you’re not making the common mistakes most people make with their landing pages.  

"Once you learn the system it’s actually quite a simple process."

Another item Anik touches on in “The First 10,000 Subscribers” is one of the biggest mistakes people make, utilizing the Thank you page effectively.  Most people don’t utilize this at all, or if they do they do it the wrong way. He provides clear understanding of how to set this up the easy way right from the start.

Reading the book and figuring this out alone was worth the price and the few hours it took to read.  It’s really powerful stuff that doesn’t get taught in to too many places, sometimes it seems the guru’s keep important stuff like this a secret but Anik lays it all out here clear as day.

The First 10,000 Subscribers : Secrets & Tips

There’s many other great secrets and tips revealed in this book, it’s the best I’ve read in terms of clear, concise, actionable information for building an email list.  As far as building an online home based business building a list is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, to build a strong, sustainable business.  “The First 10,000 Subscribers” by Anik Signal is one of the first books you should read.

For my money and the few dollars for the cost of the book this is money well spent and the time it takes to read well worth it.  It’ll save you so much time and frustration later when your setting up your list.

If you’ve got a list already and it’s not working this book could definitely show you how to tweak things to get it running on the right track.  The First 10,000 Subscribers by Anik Signal will quickly teach you sound, solid skills that are timeless when it comes to building an email list.

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