Read Write Post Daily

Read Write Post Daily

It sounds simple but it can be a daunting task, the biggest problem I had was what to post, what topics should I concentrate on? I started reading other blogs and posts on social media from popular sites or so called influencers, next thing I knew I had many great ideas to write about.

“People that succeed online understand the power & benefits of education. They’re constantly learning, growing and seeking new ideas. Learning everyday provides so many new ideas for content.”

When considering what material to post one of the biggest mistakes I made when starting was always trying to sell, that’s what everyone is doing online and for the most part people just ignore it now when it’s the first interaction with someone. I learned to provide value first then low and behold didn’t really need to sell.

Successful people create and share content that provides value, information that makes a difference in people’s lives. While doing this they’re establishing their brand. The cool thing is the bigger it gets the more powerful it gets. Look at someone like Oprah, her brand is enormous and powerful, she could promote anything and people would buy it.

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When providing value people start to see you as someone that they can trust, start to look forward to seeing your material. It’s basically what’s commonly called Attraction Marketing, it’s been around a long time but is getting really popular now, in fact I’ve seen quite a few ads on Facebook lately using Attraction Marketing. The main reason it’s getting popular is that it works, hands down it’s one of the best ways to build a home business. The great thing is it works for just about any type of business, ie: affiliate marketing, network marketing, ecom, product sales, mlm, just about anything. And anyone can do it.

How do I provide value daily? That’s the big question, there’s many ways I do it, book reviews, tips to make life easier, answering questions people have, etc. It can be done by posting on blogs or social media, or as simple as answering questions on forums or posts. Basically anywhere you can get involved and get your name known.

Read Write Post Daily
Read,Write & Post Daily


This is the easy part, but it’s very important. Reading the right material gave me so many great ideas to write about.

The first step was to find the popular blogs in my niche and bookmark them. I was looking for blogs that had lots of interaction and comments from readers, specifically I was looking for questions people were asking in the comments. Most people don’t bother commenting on blogs but if someone does ask a question you can pretty much bet that there’s a lot of other people silently asking the same question and looking for an answer.

I’ve done the same thing using Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ll find a post in my niche from an influencer, check through the comments and see if there is a question I can answer then I write a post on answering the question.


Once you’ve found your idea write something. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ve found just putting good ideas down works great, a few grammatical errors doesn’t really affect what I’m trying to get across.

The first few took me more time, I was constantly worried that it wasn’t good enough, but after writing a few and getting better at it I can write a post pretty quickly now. If I can do it anyone can do it!


Share your posts daily. Being consistent is one the most important things. It doesn’t have to be full fledged article but maybe just a quick post or share a picture you like to your fanpage or Pinterest account. You could also share someone else’s post to your page and add your comments to it.

As far as sharing goes don’t get too carried away at the start trying to share to every social media platform out there. From my experience it was best to start slow. I posted first to my Facebook page, then once I had that started and going good I branched out into Pinterest and LinkedIn, then followed that up with Instagram. If you like doing videos of course YouTube is the way to go, start your channel and post your videos.

Benefits Read Write Post Daily
Benefits – Read, Write & Post Daily


Using this “Read, Write & Post daily” method has given me two huge benefits:

  1. I’ve learned so much from others. Reading daily has given me so much more knowledge to use. The biggest thing from that is all the ideas I’ve got for posts now.
  2. I’ve built up trust in my niche with people. People come to me with their questions, looking for answers and advice.

I hope this helps get you started on building up your home based business. Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

Bryan Borg

August 10, 2019